Andrey Gradetchliev CV

1967 born in Sofia/ Bulgaria
1988- 1994 studied and completed his degree at the Acadamy of fine arts, Sofia
1994 diploma (Master`s degree)
1996 scholarship holder of the DAAD foundation and of the federal state of Lower Saxony at artists residence Worpswede
2003 freelancer as a visual artist, graphic artist and illustrator in Oldenburg
2005 assistance at Soll LeWitt in Brussels and St. Gallen, (Galery Verna)
Represented in public and privat collections in Germany and abroad

Exhibitions (variety) since 2008

2013 - panopticon of every-day-life, Galery Art Nesse, Leer/ Germany
2012 - Regional display window, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven/ Germany
2011 - „Kunstfrühling“ artsfair freight depot, Bremen/ Germany
2010 - „Printed“ Galerie am Stall, Hude/ Germany, group exhibition
2010 - participation at The 8th Graphic Triennal de Chamalieres, France
2010 - „Hristo Gradetchliev and friends“ urban galery Hristo Gradetchliev, Kavarna/ Bulgaria
2009 - „Graphic as a message“ group exhibition of award-winning graphic artists, Sofia,
Shipka 6/ Bulgaria
2009 - „Ausgezeichnet“ 2nd Oldenburg arts festival
2009 - „Art and medicine“ group exhibition, Moormann Halle, Oldenburg/ Germany
2009 - „TOP SECRET“ group exhibition, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven/ Germany
2008 - „Smile“ night of museums Hamburg, Artboulevard of „Deutscher Ring“/ Germany
2008 - „Step-by-step“ exhibition, Treuhand, Oldenburg/ Germany
2008 - „Art Bulgaria“ group exhibition, Artboulevard of „Deutscher Ring“/ Germany


The Work “Linear meter audience”

This graphic installation - Ink- Drawing, extends in time and area.
I have started this project in the year 2000.
This cutout contains characters (audience) since 2006 until 2013.