At night

01 am I, OL downtown, Aquarell, Ink, Farnish on Canvas, Andrey Gradetchliev, W70 cm x H40 cm
(Deutsch) Andrey Gradetchliev; OL-Ziegelhof.23am, Acryl, Tusche, Lack auf Lw, 120 x 70 cm, 2022
(Deutsch) Etage_OLInnenstadt_Andrey Gradetchliev_Acryl,Oel,Tusche,Lack.Lw_100x75cm
01 am V, OL downtown, Acrylic, Ink, Varnish on Canvas, Andrey Gradetchliev, W80cm x H60 cm
(Deutsch) 01 am OLInnenstadt_Andrey Gradetchliev_Acryl,Oel,Tusche,Lack/Lw_80x50
(Deutsch) 6pm_Bundesbahnweg_Andrey cm

”It shall be dark when you see this and you shall be cold“
With this demand, the idea for my newest project was born. So I decided to go out in the middle of the night to grasp the atmosphere of the city and capture it in drawings. The nocturnal atmosphere is being transported through sharp contrasts, sparingly placed in the picture that are being complemented by extensive colour variations in the dark grey spectrum. They create a unique perspective, that is being influenced through darkness and the human vision. The night is “the dark side of the earth“. Pink Floyd‘s music from the album of the same name accompanied my working process.